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Your health is your ticket to encouraging others to be on their wellness kick.

What I Do

Mission statement:

Our goal is to provide the highest level of service by developing excellence in health education that will develop relationships with universities, colleges, hospitals, agencies, and our community for and opportunity for personal and professional growth.

I Coach

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The goal is to teach as many students as possible the strategies, tools, and resources needed to be successful.

We are seeking students with a burning desire to leave a big impact and who want to focus on taking care of others. This program takes you through a step-by-step process that provides students with an income by doing something they genuinely love. If you are eager to learn and willing to put in the extra work to building an aspiring Assistant Living Healthcare Facility or Healthcare Sitting Service. I am so happy you’re here!

This program is designed for those who are just starting out to those who are established with room of improving and accomplishing your dreams.

Book Kiwanis for your next speaking engagement for a live course that will cover various topics to help you enhance your business and increase your revenue.

Kiwanis Atkins is available for media requests and to speak at your next event.

I’m an Author

Business Plans that will be tailored to your need of services offered.

Emergency Communication Plans to prepare your organization for unexpected crisis events, it takes a systematic approach in prevention and response to ensure safety. The success of any emergency response depends on the essential elements of preparedness, communication, planning, training and to enforce systems that ensure the protection of all occupants.

Need Advice?

Are you having a hard time growing your healthcare business?

After working with us, you’ll have the tools to create the most successful and peaceful life you can imagine.

My Books & Courses

My books & courses are based around the health and wellness field to help you in growing in the field you desire to be in.


“ The knowledge I have received have allowed me to grow in several ways that I never realized I was capable of growing. This experience has encouraged me to believe in myself, work hard and succeed in life. Thank You, Atkins Touch of Wellness,

T. Smith

My Story

My love for the medical field came about from when my grandfather became sick with cancer. My junior year of high school is when our family was aware of my grandfather’s diagnosis. He was scheduled for Chemo treatments weekly and I was able during the summer months to take him to and from appointments. 

This was an experience of no other with him on Hospice Care. I witness the decline in health of my grandfather until his passing in 1998. The care provided to him by medical professions gave me a since of urgency to major in the medical field.