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Monthly Consulting

In- Person Training

Allow me to help take your business to the next level. Book your consult today. An initial consultation must be booked prior to any services. If you decide to move forward with your training course is $49.97 will go towards your course.
Phone Consultation:
First 15 min: FREE
Additional fee after 15 minutes : $49.97

More Support to Growing Your Business
2 hours – $297

16 Hour Course (2 Days)
How to Start a Residential Assistant Living for Seniors
In-Person: $1997
Group Pricing: $1397 (Seats min 8- max 20)
Zoom: $1397


Business Planning

Disaster Plan Training

8 Hour Course

How to Start a Sitting Service for Seniors

In-Person: $1997

Group Pricing: $1397 (Seats min 8- max 20)

Zoom: $1397

I will carefully write a business plan that will be specifically tailored to your needs


Provide imperative information on how to safely use precautions and restore normal operations after an emergency event.

12 Hour Course

 Zoom Only:  $1397


1. What will I gain from attending Atkins Touch of Wellness training course?

You will gain the tools needed to run and maintain your business effectively.

2. What will I accomplish after taking Atkins Touch of Wellness Training Services?

You will accomplish all necessary business, communication, documentation, financial, marketing, advertising, and financial skills.

3. If located in another state will I benefit from this training?

Yes, you will.  It does not matter what state you’re located in everyone needs to know the proper way of maintaining their business.

4. Atkins Touch of Wellness Training Tour when will you visit our state?

Atkins Touch of Wellness will post tour dates with upcoming cities and states. If you were to miss the travel date Zoom training is offered.

5. When is Boot Camp Training offered?

Atkins Touch of Wellness training is offered on Saturday & Sunday 1-2 days for approximately 8 or 12 hours both days depending on service needed. All training starts at 0900 CST

6. Does Atkins Touch of Wellness offer payment plans?

Yes, Atkins Touch of Wellness offers payment plans. All training courses must be paid in full two weeks prior to your training course date.

7. Does my training course come with refreshment or lunch?

Yes, morning refreshments will be provided.

8. Can I bring my business partner or guest to the training?

Yes, but there will be an additional fee for each extra person

9. If I attend a Zoom training course will I receive all information and documents as the in person training course.

Yes, you will.

10. What is the difference between In Person vs. Zoom?

Zoom is attending online training on a screen. In-Person your able to build relationships.

11. When will I receive my documents and forms if I have attended zoom training?

You’ll receive training documents within two business days of full payment and requested information listed in your welcoming email.

12. What days and times are available for the phone consultation?

Phone consultations are on Monday thru Thursdays between the hours of    11:00AM-4:30PM (CST).

13. If I forget to ask a question when I have my phone consultation can I just call back?

 Another phone consultation must be booked.

14. How will my phone consultation be conducted?

We will contact you. Make sure we have your correct contact information

(Phone number & email address)

15. Missed phone consultation, will I be allowed to reschedule?

 Missed consultations will have to pay fee again and reschedule for next available time.  Time management is very important.

16. Do Atkins Touch of Wellness offer coaching outside of not taking the training course?

Yes, monthly coaching is offered

17. Does Atkins Touch of Wellness sell paperwork to individuals without having to attend the training courses?

No, Atkins Touch of Wellness doesn’t sell any paperwork to anyone that hasn’t attended a training course.

18. After completion of training can I pass along documents and forms to a family member, friend, or another agency?

No, all training, documents and forms are copyrighted and only the business owner and student have rights to use documents and forms provided. Atkins Touch of Wellness DO NOT GIVE PERMISSION to sell, trade or give away our company documents created.

19. If I paid for an in person training and I’m unable to attend will I be refunded?

There are NO REFUNDS. You are allowed once to change your training course to another date with the option to attend via Zoom.

20. If I paid for an in person training but I attend via Zoom because of personal reasons, etc. Will I be refunded the difference?

There are NO REFUNDS. If original choice was to attend in-person training but was changed to Zoom there will be NO REFUNDS.

21. Will Atkins Touch of Wellness train in different states?

Yes, we are coming to a city near you

22. Do I have to be a CNA, LPN, and RN or have any credentials to start a Residential Assistant Living for Seniors or Sitting Service for Seniors?

No, you don’t need to be a CNA, LPN, and RN or have any credentials to start a Residential Assistant Living for Seniors or Sitting Service for Seniors. This training course is recommended to know the do’s and the don’ts of the business.

23. How do I get started and sign up for the next training course?

Contact Atkins Touch of Wellness and set up a payment plan or pay in full. Before starting a welcome letter via email. The following forms must be returned via email within seventy-two hours and payment received two weeks prior of your training course. You will not be permitted to start until we have ALL forms emailed to: info@atkinstouchofwellness.com

Read and sign Coaching, Mentor, Disaster Plan Training and Business Plans Agreement

Read and sign Copyright Noticed

Client Profile Form

24. Is a refund provided for services from Atkins Touch of Wellness? NO

24. What is Atkins Touch of Wellness hours of business?

Monday thru Thursdays 9:00AM-5:00PM (CST). (Weekend Trainings Are Available)

Closed: Friday, Saturday, and Sunday | All Holidays