Consultation Fee


Phone Consultation

First 15 min: FREE
Additional fee after 15 minutes: $49.97

Allow me to help take your business to the next level. Book your consult today. An initial consultation must be booked before any services. If you decide to move forward with your training course, your $49.97 will go towards your course.

Phone consultation involves providing professional advice, guidance, and support to clients remotely over the phone.

Here’s a detailed description of our phone consultations:

  1. Scheduling and Appointment Setting: The process often begins with the client scheduling an appointment for a phone consultation with the consultant. This may involve coordination of time zones and availability to ensure both parties can participate in the call.
  2. Preparation and Agenda Setting: Prior to the scheduled call, both the consultant and the client may engage in preparatory activities. The client may outline the topics or questions they wish to discuss, while the consultant may gather relevant information or materials to address the client’s needs effectively.
  3. Introduction and Establishing Rapport: The consultation typically begins with an introduction where both parties briefly introduce themselves and establish rapport. This sets a positive tone for the conversation and helps build trust between the consultant and the client.
  4. Discussion of Client’s Needs and Goals: The consultant listens attentively as the client explains their specific needs, goals, challenges, or questions. The client may provide background information or context to help the consultant understand the situation better.
  5. Expert Advice and Recommendations: Drawing on their expertise and experience, the consultant offers insights, advice, and recommendations tailored to the client’s unique circumstances. This may involve discussing strategies, best practices, potential solutions, or alternative approaches to address the client’s concerns.
  6. Clarification and Q&A: Throughout the consultation, both parties engage in dialogue, seeking clarification and asking questions as needed to ensure mutual understanding. The consultant may probe further to gain deeper insight into the client’s situation, while the client may seek clarification on specific recommendations or concepts.
  7. Action Plan and Next Steps: Based on the discussion, the consultant and the client collaboratively develop an action plan outlining specific steps to be taken moving forward. This may include assigning responsibilities, setting deadlines, or identifying resources needed to implement the recommendations discussed during the consultation.
  8. Follow-Up and Support: After the consultation, the consultant may provide additional support or resources to assist the client in executing the action plan. This could involve sharing relevant documents, connecting the client with other professionals or experts, or scheduling follow-up calls to monitor progress and address any further questions or concerns.
  9. Documentation and Summary: The consultant may document key points discussed during the consultation and provide the client with a summary or written report outlining the recommendations and action items agreed upon.

Phone consultation offers clients the flexibility and convenience of accessing expert advice remotely without the need for in-person meetings. It allows for efficient communication and problem-solving, enabling clients to address their needs promptly and effectively with the guidance of a knowledgeable consultant.



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